Facilities for students to be provided in a school

What kind of facilities should the school provide?

The school will have to provide the following facilities to the students for efficient functioning of the school:

a) Basic infrastructure comprising a highly modern school building designed by a renowned   Architect and spacious Classroom, well-equipped Learning Center, Science & computer   Laboratories, Activities Rooms / Workshops for co-curricular activities and vast play   fields for conducting games and sports.

b) Highly trendy and comfortable furniture in classroom, offices and computer / Science   Laboratories.

c) High – end technology comprising School Management Software for management / administration of school, LCD projectors in class Rooms, Internet with Wi-Fi,   technology, CCTV, smart Cards for students’ attendance system and library transactions.

d) Manpower comprising highly qualified and result oriented teachers for all subjects / disciplines / streams and other administrative / logistics / house keeping / security and support staff.

e) School Bus facility, spacious Canteen and Medical Dispensary.

f) Free insurance cover for all students for Rs. 1Lakh.

g) Medical Dispensary for emergency medical treatment.

Will the School have Dispensary and a doctor?

The School will have a medical dispensary to provide first-aid to the students in case of any medical emergency. The appointment of a full time Nurse will be subject to the strength of students in the School. However, irrespective of the number of students, all schools will have a part time doctor who will conduct medical examination of all students at least twice in an academic year. The results of the medical examination will be recorded in the Student’s Diary.

Will the school have any kind of association with the Hospitals, in case of emergencies?

The school will have a tie-up with the nearest renowned Hospital for attending to the children in case of medical emergency. The school will ensure that any child with a medical emergency is rushed to this hospital using school or hire transport.

Will the students be allowed to avail to the library services after schools and on holidays as well?

The Library services will be available to the students only during the working days. All students will be required to return the library books prior to proceeding for summer vacations. However students can retain the Library Book during autumn and Winter breaks.

Will the school provide any Insurance cover to the students?

All students will be provided free Insurance Cover of Rs. 1 Lakh against any accident during the Bus journey or school working hours.

What support / material will be provided by Life Educare? What kind of help and equipment support can be given by Life Educare to the Trusts?

Under The Scope of Services under the Agreement signed between Life Educare and the Society / Trust details the support and material will be provided.

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