How to manage Equipment, Furniture and Uniform for School

Q.1 Who will supply the Text Books, Uniform, School Badge, Students Diary & Class Room Furniture?

All Life Educare managed Schools will normally commence operations on 01 April every year. Since most of these schools will be affiliated to CBSE, the entire curriculum will be based on the textbooks published by NCERT. While the schools will arrange procurement and distribution of NCERT Text books locally, the uniforms for children, school calendar and class room furniture will be made available by Life Educare through the Society / Trust to all School’ by March every year, well before the commencement of the new academic session.

Q.2 What infrastructure / facilities are to be provided by Trust prior to commencement of classes in the new school?

The Trusts are to ensure the provisioning of the following facilities by March, before commencement of Classes from 01 April:-

a) Class rooms, Laboratories, Rooms for conduct of co-curricular activities.

b) Furniture for classrooms, offices, laboratories.

c) Equipment for co-curricular activities, classrooms (Teaching-Aids), laboratories including consumables items.

d) Qualified Teaching & Non-Teacher Staff.

e) Drinking water facilities and hygienic standards as per Municipal prescriptions.

Life Educare’s team of experts will assist the Society / Trust in all above tasks, as defined in the Agreement.

Q.3 Will the cost of school uniform and other articles be at market price?

As regards the uniforms and other articles, Schools are required to maintain a high quality and standard for all such items. Therefore, these items will be procured and supplied to the students by Life Educare. The cost of these items will commensurate with the quality of the product.

Q.4 Can the cost of school furniture and other items be controlled, if these are procured locally?

The Life Educare aims to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure in the schools. Therefore, all the items introduced in the school are required to have a stamp of quality. In the initial years, all the classroom furniture, school uniforms, school diaries etc. will have to be procured and supplied by good trusted and leading Vendors to ensure quality and equitable standard. However, the Society / Trust is at liberty to decide otherwise, in consultation with the Life Educare’s Executive Team.

Q.5 What all equipment are to be purchased by the Society / Trust?

All Life Educare managed Schools are aimed to provides state-of-the-art infrastructure in the schools, to maintain high quality and a uniform standard of equipment in the schools. Therefore, Life Educare aims to procure the following items from reputed and nationally accepted vendors short-listed:

i)     School furniture

ii)     Student’s Academic Items

iii)   School uniform / School bag.

iv)     School Stationery

v)     Lab equipments, instruments and consumables

vi)     Instruments & Materials related to Student Activities like arts, music, etc.

vii) Sports equipments and items

viii) ICT Hardware and Software

ix)     School Management Software (ERP)

x)     Audio-Visual Aids

xi)     Teaching Aids & Tools

xii) Interior Decoration Items

xiii) School Facility & Admin Stock Items

A complete and exhaustive list is provided under the document “Resource Planning” prepared by Life Educare.

Q.6 How will Life Educare will ensure uniformity of equipment and interiors in the school?

With a view to ensuring uniformity of interiors and equipment / furniture in all schools, Life Educare will make the following information available to all Schools.

(a) Soft / hard copies of full interiors of Front office, Principal’s office, Class Rooms, Staff Room, Library, PTA conference/visitors’ Room, Science / Computer Laboratories, Dining Hall / Canteen and Staff / Teachers’ Resource Room & other area of the school.

(b) Soft /Hard copies and Drawings of furniture at Front Office, Principal’s Office, Staff Room, Library, PTA Conference Room, Science / Computer Laborites, Canteen/Dining Hall, and Staff/Teachers’ Resource Room etc.

(c) Introduction of School Management Software and smart cards for the children in phased manner.

(d) Details of training equipment comprising LCD / DLP projectors, Branded PCs for Laboratories / Offices, Laptops for Teachers, CCTV, Wi-Fi equipment for Internet connectivity, large screen LCD / Plasma TVs etc.

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  • Hi Sir,

    we have opened one school by name “vision english Academy” in rural area of Bihar. we have taken 40 students in nursery and lkg. in future we want to get affilation from CBSE board…so I want some guidelines against the same…we are new to this start up. how life educare manage..and what are the charges? we have 1.2 acre land.

    • Dear Mr Thakur, CBSE affiliation starts only after Class I and onwards. Kindly read our blogs, the procedure is very well mentioned there.

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