LAND requirement to start a CBSE school in India

What are the LAND requirement to start a school in India

Q.1 Can anybody convert already existing state board School into a CBSE School? What are the formalities for that?

As per the CBSE affiliation byelaws, school will be required to have a minimum of 1 Acres of land in Non-Metro and 0.75 acre of land in metro locations. In addition, the classrooms have to be spacious with a minimum area of 1 SM per student and the school should also have necessary infrastructure with sufficient open spaces for play fields to conduct various sports and games. In case these stipulated conditions are met, it would be possible to convert the existing school into a CBSE School.

Q.2 Will the land for school have to be in a commercial area or even a residential area would do?

While planning new residential areas / colonies, the Urban Development Authorities of the State Government, generally earmark a few plots of land for setting-up the new schools in that area. These plots of land also known as “Institutional Land” are allotted to the Trusts / Societies interested to establish schools in the private sector. In case the Institutional Land is not readily available, the Trust / Society may acquire stipulated quantity of land for setting- up of Life Educare managed School. However, in such cases the approval of urban development / town planning authority will be required to re-appropriate the commercial / residential / agriculture land into the Institutional Land.

Q.3 Can a small school with less land can Start School and later on buy additional land?

The Trust / society willing to open a new school will have to be in possession or willing to acquire the minimum stipulated quantity of land namely 0.75 Acre in Metro cities & 1.5 Acres in other cities / towns, at one location. The plot of land should be integral piece of 1.5 Acre or 0.75 Acre and no piecemeal addition is permitted by CBSE/CISCE.

Q.4 How much minimum quantity of land is required for starting School? Has CBSE / CISCE laid any criteria for land for the schools? What would be the size of land required for the state-of-the-art school?

The minimum requirement of land as laid by CBSE for opening School is given in the Table below:

i         Any urban / rural Area –  1.5 Acres (8094SM)

ii       Metropolitan city with population exceeding 25 lakhs –  0.75 Acres (4047SM)

iii       NCT, Delhi & Metros – 2000SM ( For sec school) / 3000SM ( For Sr Sec School with two streams)  / 4000 SM ( For Sr Sec School with four streams)

iv       Hilly Areas                                                       1 Acre (4047 SM)

Notwithstanding the minimum fixed requirement of land, all Trusts should make all out efforts to procure maximum possible land at the time of commencement of the project to ensure development of proper playgrounds and a spacious campus for the future healthy growth of the school.

It is suggested that in Tier 2 and 3 cities, Society / Trust may consider land of minimum of 5-8 acres, or above. However, the overall cost of land and feasibility of the project must be weighed. Further, some established Brands have their own stipulation of minimum land areas in establishing the School.

Q.5 In whose name the land should be registered? Is there any provision of lease instead of a purchase?

The land acquired for the school should be owned and registered in the name of the Trust / Society. In case of leased land, the lease deed should be registered in the name of the Trust/ Society for a minimum period of 30 years.

Q.6 How much land is required for a residential school?

The residential schools were established in the pre-independence era during the British rule, primarily to cater to the educational needs of the elite section of the society and developed over vast expanse of land from 50 to 150 Acres. However, in the present scenario it is considered that availability of land in the range of 10-30 acres will be essential for creating multifarious infrastructure needed for multi-faceted development of children in such schools. Additional 5 to 10 Acres of land may also be acquired in case a Mini-Golf Course, Race Course, etc is also planned.

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    • 1.5 Acres usually but land requirement varies from city to city. Metros vs Non Metro, Location under municipal limits, heritage zone etc

      • I am having 2 acre land. But it is an agricultural land. Can i start a 10+2 cbse school on this land.and how can i get the permission to start school

        • Dear Mr Amit,
          You certainly can start, just remember to change the Land Use of the land from Agricultural to Educational.

    • Dear vibha,
      It will depend the location within Chennai. Is it under the Municipal limits or not. It would also depend upon the Classes which you want to extend the school. If you want to know more, kindly call on the phone number provided on our website.

        • Which city is the school located. Himachal falls under the hilly area, however, i am afraid that 3.5 bight will not be sufficient. For more details you may please speak to Mr. Himanshu Tiwari on +91-9669694169

  • We hv land 2acres on which there r play grounds. But school building is away from it.. It is leased land of 15000 sq feet
    . Is it permissible

  • Sir, how can we buy a single plot of agricultural land by ten members as partners to start an international school in district place of Karnataka?
    The selected land is having two pieces of seperate survey numbers and are seperated by a road in the middle. Please provide the suitable ideas.

    • Road in the middle will not help. As far as 10 partners is concerned that is not an issue as you can lease the parcel to the society/trust/company.

  • I have started a Primary School near Frazer town Bangalore 560084.max students are muslim minoroties and are girls as we teach Quranic Arabic as well as English. now I am in need of subcidised land from government to build a big high School .Whom should I approach in Government to.procure such government land for my school.

    • Dear MR Gulfam, What you are probing has to be dealt the local level, kindly contact the local DEO or the MLA for any such assistance. We regret that we can’t be of much help to you.

    • Dear Mr Mohan,
      The minimum land requirement can be 0.5 Acres in Arunachal if the area is categorised under Hilly Region, kindly search for your location in the government notification about cities and on the government website.

    • Sir if the land is within the Patna Municipal limits the size can be One Acre or more, if outside of Bihar Municipal Limits it should be 1.5 Acres or more.

  • Hi , I had read online that land which comes under Green Zone in Maharashtra can be utilised for building School. So is it necessary to register this land as Educational Land ?

  • sir,
    what will be land required for secondary and senior secondary cbse school in district of bihar state.
    1:- Land required for school
    2:- Land required for
    school field (should it
    be adjoined with main
    land or be at nearby)??

    • Dear Mr Sunil,
      Here are your answers;
      what will be land required for secondary and senior secondary cbse school in district of bihar state.
      1:- Land required for school building.?? – Minimum 1.5 Acres
      2:- Land required for school field (should it be adjoined with main land or be at nearby)?? – The 1.5 mentioned above is all encompassing the building and the grounds.

      For the building the classrooms should have a minimum area of 1 meter square per student. for a class of 45 students size mentioned by CBSE is 500 sq feet.

  • Hi I want to start classes from Nursery to class 4 in an area of 2000sq feet and then shift the school to a bigger location.does cbse permit this? School will be located in Assam.

    • Dear Mr Agarwal,
      This is not possible, kindly remember the affiliation is given to the proposed and shown infrastructure not to a name.

  • Hello Sir
    I have 1acre of land in one side of road and 1acre of land on the opposite side. Can I get the affiliation.?

    • No you cannot get affiliation on the stated land, the entire should be one piece at the same place. The minimum that you would require will be 1.5 Acres.

  • we are having 1acers of land in which we are running school till 10th CLASS under the affiliation of PSEB .We want it to be shifted CBSE .Can it be possible?

    • Dear Nishu,
      This is possible only if your land plot on which the School is built falls under Municipal Area. Otherwise you have a minimum plot size of 1.5 Acres

      • THANKS A LOT SIR . My building is under Municipal area.Can please let me know what is the next procedure.

        • ok since you are learned running school till class X you have to go for a Switch Over case. Also have to procure No Objection Certificate from the State Government. Hurry the application deadline is 30 June.

  • I have .2acre land CLU already for Nursery school and is part of approved residential society in Havana. Can we upgrade for Primary. What are related norms.

    • Dear Amit,
      It will completely depend upon the Bye-Laws of the state education board. Check with the state education board’s website.

    • Dear Dhruv,
      Yes that is what is the case almost in 99% cases. You create a Society / Trust / Section 8 Company and lease your property to them fora minimum duration of 30 years for a CBSE School.

    • Dear Mr Sharma,
      If you need any professional help regarding your affiliation. Please get in touch with Mr Himashu on 96696 94169

  • Dear Team,

    We are running a school affiliated to Punjab state board. We are planning to apply for CBSE affiliation.
    Our school is located in rural area (Border belt) i.e. in village.
    We are having land 1.5acre, building area is also within the same land.
    Please can you confirm, if we can apply for CBSE affiliation?

    • Dear Mr Chetan,
      From what you have written you surely can apply for CBSE Affiliation. We hope you have created adequate and required infrastructure as per CBSE Norms. Best of luck

  • Hi,
    I am running a school in semi urban area and this school is located under nagar panchyat, so how much minimum area of land is required for 1-12 standard school.
    A. K. Mishra

  • Hi
    I am running a school in semi urban area and this school is located under nagar panchyat, I want to convert it in CBSE Board, so how much minimum land area is required for 1-12 standard school.
    A. K. Mishra

  • Hi I am planning for CBSE School in a rural area near yerpedu town in Sri Kalahasthi Taluk, chittoor district, AP.
    How much land required for it.

  • As stated in the earlier reply, it is in rural area near Yerpedu, nearTirupathi IIT Chittoor dist, AP. I am planning to set up school from Nursery to 7th class CBSE/State board how much land and infrastructure should be there.

    • The minimum land requirement will be 1.5 Acres for your region if the and is outside municipal limits, if it is inside it will be 1 Acres

  • How much total cost for construct a building for a CBSE School till class 7th how much dimensions and how many floors we have to construct.

    • Dear Mr reddy,
      There is no set standards set by CBSE or for hat matter any board for construction. It completely depends on the vision of the promoter, available capital, expectation in terms of students, assumed strength per section by the school, expectation of parents vis a vis prevailing competition etc. Once a promoter decides on several of these parameters, one can decide on the amount of construction required. A rough approximation of Rs 1400 per sq feet can be taken for the construction. (This number includes the cost of furnishing and Electrical fittings). CBSE lays down the rule of 1 sq meter per student as the size of the classroom, with maximum students in a class as 40.

      • Dear sir
        I hv three bigha land in balrampur dist. Of uttar pradesh can I get CBSE board affiliation for primary to 10+2 level…
        What should I do and how should I proceed????

  • Can you please give a guide lines for me to start a CBSE till 5th Std. I have 50 cent of land in my village in vellore district, Tamilnadu.
    Thank you.

  • hi i am from barabanki up it is 25 km far from lucknow. i am planning for CBSE school..i need someone who can help me in affiliation.

  • Hello sir, i have 5000 sq feet area in Kannod which is situated in MP and its town area and i want to start middle school (till 5th standard) then how i can get affiliation plz suggest me.

  • Sir, I wanted to start a school in Arcot, Tamil nadu and the land does not come under municipality, how much land is required to start a CBSE School,
    With regards,

  • Hello sir
    U advice 1.5 acre land for cbse school but cbse byloge land requirements of 2 acre I am confused

    • Dear Mr Sharma,
      You ar right in a certain way, the basic requirement is 2 Acres but if you read closely here is also mention (with certain reservation) about 1.5 Acres in the bye law.

  • Hi I wish to start a Primary school in Bangalore around Sarjapura Town. Can I acquire land from the Government for this? If so how should I proceed and what is the procedure?


  • I purchased 1 acre institutional land in an approved townships which laying in MC area in Haryana. Can I go for (cbse/icse) secondary school as town ship allotted as a middle school site.

    • Dear Mr Yadav,
      If it is within Municipal limits and the population of town is above 15 Lacs, than you go for it.

    • In Uttarakhand, if the area is under Hilly region, you need a minimum of 1 Acre otherwise you would require a minimum of 1.5 Acres

  • I want to open primary school (up to 5th class) in Agra (Uttar Pradesh). how much space required for ? also tell me space required for opening 12th std. school in rural area in Agra Distt. Thanks.

    • For a CBSE School it should be more than 1.5 Acres of land. It is same for Rural and Urban. Space required is same for upto Class XII as well.

  • I want to start cbse school in Pune ‘s village area which comes under grampanchayat. What is minimum land required…

  • Hello
    A CBSC school want to start school in 4500 sft and looking for a land remaining 1400 sft land else where iin Hyderabad is this permissible per CBSC rules


  • i have 18 ekkar land near vijayapur city in karnataka but im very intrested in development education nd open school & science college but i nt have inersemnt just problem for me money only plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help anything possible means

  • Thank you Abhiney, but the question I had was 65000 sq feet which is equal to 7222 sq yards of land or built up area? If you break up how much should be built up area? How much should be play ground area? And what should be the total area in sq yards? And can play ground area can be separate than the building?

    • Hi Sandeep,
      There is no requirement about the built up area, as it purely depends on the strength of the school. Though there are minimum sizes mentioned for Classes, Labs and Library. Kindly read CBSE Bye Laws to know the same.

      Play ground cannot be a separate entity from the School building.

  • Hello sir can be suggest what land requirement required in rular area. Uttar Pradesh. Jila baghpat. To open cbse affiliated school 12 class. Thanks.

  • Hi I am from pune. I hv 16 guntha land which under pune municipal corporation. I want to open CBSC school upto 10 std. Is it possible to open school? Pls guide us. thank you.

    • As far as what google tell us, 1.5 Acres = 61 Guntha. That is the size of a single plot you require to start a CBSE School.Inside the Municipal limits you would require 40 gunthas

  • What is the land requirement to open cbsc school in Himachal Pradesh? If there is separate facility for playground can land requirement be relaxed.What document is required from facility provider.

    • Dear Mr Rana,
      As told you over the phone, you will have to find out the location of your school, whether it falls under hilly region. Quoting from the bye Law —-

      “In hilly areas, the land should not be less than one acre. The norms as prescribed by the Planning Commission shall be applicable for determining the hilly areas.” & “Schools located within the Municipal limit of the Capital Cities, Islands, North‐Eastern States and Jammu & Kashmir, the minimum land requirement
      shall be 1 acre.”

      Quoting from planning commission –

      [Assam HiilAic-as – 2 Districts (Karbi Anglong ami North Cachar)
      Uttar Pradesh Hill – 8 Districts (Dehradun, Pauri, Garhwal, Tehri Garhwal, Chamoli, Uttarkashi, Almora, Pithoragarh and Nainital)
      West-Bengal Hill Areas. – 3 Sub-Divisions of Darjeeling District viz. Sub-Divisions of Sadar Kalimpong and Kurseong.

      Western Ghats and other Hill Areas
      The Western Ghats region consists of a contiguous area of 132 talukas in the States of Maha-rashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and the Union Territory of Goa.]

      Now please go and try finding out where your land lies from the concerned department to find your answer.

  • Happy morning
    Hi I am from near by Chennai
    I am planning to open cbse school in our own 15 acres of land . But I have doubts that what the size of approach road to the site should we have so that noc from state government we can get .

  • I want to start a school till class 8 which is CBSE and expand it later. I wish to start my school in Lucknow, and Barabanki and expand it to Uttarakhand. How much land do I need to start the school?

  • Hi i am from Coimbatore,
    I am planing to open a new international school under cbse board till 5th or till 8th. can u pls say me how many land i need to construct with an basic estimation

    • CBSE School has to be from Class I and onwards. One cannot start from Class V and onwards. Minimum land requirement is 1.5 Acres.

  • sir
    i have 1.5 Ayers of land,but there is No 40feet road to my site. 30 feet existing road is there. Town planing officer is not giving opinion to officiate the land. Is there any remedies.

  • I want a detailed business plan for starting an international school (incorporating a nursery and primary from pre-kg till 5th ). The plan should include starting the school from scratch 1.5 acres land(Building full estimation like total sq.ft for class rooms, staff room, office room, play ground,reception, computer lab, science lab, pt room and rest rooms for boys girls and faculty).

  • yeah sir planned to start from nursery till 5th grade and also have 1.5 acres.i dont have any idea about this can you help me what ol basic requirements i need nu?

  • Sir my name is Abhilash I have my half acre land in Yelahanka Bangalore is suitable to open CBSE school from kg to 10 th and I want to take a franchise of well developed schools like dps or nps or Jain they I’ll give or nt sir seeking ur reply

  • I want to open a cbse school . I have building in name of other institute which has been closed. the society is same. The land and building are in name of the school. Land area is only .86 acre. We have land but agricultural . can existing school leased and remaining land rgistrd. pls clarify

  • Dear Sir,
    I want to open a CBSE 10+2 school in my village.I have land of .85 acre and building fullfiling the class norms . The building and land are in the name of some other training institute . I have land adjacent to this training institute. we need following clarification:
    1. Can land and building of training school can be leased to new school (CBSE)?
    2. the remaining required land can be registered to name of school new to be open?
    3. or else only lease or only registry of land is allowed.
    pls clarify.

    • Dear Mr Upadhyay,
      1. Can land and building of training school can be leased to new school (CBSE)? —> Its a case based scenario and shall depend upon the case to case. One has to look into the land documents, Bye Laws of the trust / society etc
      2. the remaining required land can be registered to name of school new to be open? — Can happen depending upon the Point (1)
      3. or else only lease or only registry of land is allowed.
      pls clarify.

  • Sir i Have 2.5 acude land in rural area i wana open an cbsc school can it permissable Or not if yes how can i complete it

  • hi sir
    i have come to know that for permission of 1800 students 2 acre land are compulsary .is this true?
    or 65000 squre feet is enough.

    • Dear Ms Jain,
      You can start a school in a minimum of 1.5 Acres and in some special places/ regions/ cities also in 1 Acre. Here are the conditions for the enrolments
      1 Acre ——-> Maximum 1250 Students
      1.5 Acres —–> Maximum 1875 Students
      2 Acres —–> Maximum 2500 Students

  • Hi sir i want to open CBSE school in rural areas of Uttar pradesh.. how much land required is sufficient for it to open.. how we can started.

  • Dear Sir
    I have 1.3 acer land in nagar Panchayat area and I want to open CBSE school from Nursery to class 8th is this possible..

  • What should be the class size,number of teachers and their qualification for affiliation??

    Can you please explain the procedure??

    • Please refer to the other areas of the blog for details on it. For more information, please contact Mr. Himanshu Tiwari on +91-9669694168


  • Sir, What is the requirement for opening a pre -school ? What are the various approvals/permissions from the government or local bodies for pre school I.e pre nursery, nursery, lkg, ukg? Is it require any License?

    • Dear Pawan,

      a pre school as such does not require any license however certain states and district administration wants the pre schools to be registered. For further information, please call our expert on 9669694169.


  • I have 2 acres of land on the out skirt Ranchi city, the capital of jharkhand. Is is it a sufficient requisition of land space to start a CBSE School?

  • I have 2 acres of land on the out skirt Ranchi city, the capital of jharkhand. Is is it a sufficient requisition of land space to start a CBSE affiliated school?

    • Dear Kamal,

      The land is sufficient for starting a CBSE school. for further details, please call our advisor on 9669694169.


  • what is the minimum requirement of land for opening a school for mentally retarded students in punjab,haryana

    under cbse,icse,punjab board and haryana board

    pls specify each catagory

    • Dear Vijay,

      This is the age of inclusion and we recommend that we shall start an inclusive school. There are no specific norms in CBSE for such type of schools. For more details you may call our expert on +91-9669694169.

  • I have 96 cents land with 10000 sq.ft building. another 100 cents land 100 mt. away from the building in the same street. Is it is ok for CBSE affiliation?

  • How much land required upto class 9th for cbse affiliation at MAINPURI (UP) in village area and what building structure is required




  • Hi… Sir
    I am Darshan Singh
    Having more than 3 Acre. Land on Local road in Rural area of Mathura, Distrct.(UP)
    Sir there is more than 10000 population near by.
    Sir i am planning to open CBSE school
    8th or 10 th standard.
    Sir, please suggest me ..
    How to start process ?

    • Dear Mr Singh,
      Please get in touch with Mr Himanshu Tiwari for our team, he will help you with the know how and the services which we offer. He can be contacted at +91 7999005272

  • Hi,

    I’ve a land around 3 acres and looking to start a school CBSE/State in rural area. How much loan I can get for set up of school (upto class X).

    Also please let me know if it is good option to go with Franchise?

    Note: Need approx. budget to start which includes construction of building, infra, staff etc.


    • Dear Mr Prasad,
      The amount which you can get as loans completely depends upon the kind of business plan you have proposed and most importantly the value of securities/ collateral you are ready to mortgage with the bank.

      Franchise should be taken only when the brand you are trying to get is already known to people of the city/town.

      Budget to start a school (decently made) is around 3 crores Plus excluding the cost of land.

  • My question is- In existing CBSE affiliated school – we are running English medium school and since there is local people demand for Hindi medium school as well. Pl advice Is it Possible to start Hindi medium school using same existing infrastructure (existing building class rooms etc). Our intenstion to run schools in two shifts ie say English medium in morning shift and other in afternoon shift. Appreciate prompt answer

  • Good morning sir I have a 7000sqft constructed building in Pune Hadapsar already where there was a school running already and due to court issues it had to be stopped so can I start a my own school through documentation . I have read about the land requirement case but after a few kilometres from my property there is a Riims international school running who have half of our construction could you please guide me

    • For a CBSE School, the constructed area is a secondary issue. The primary issue is the Plot of Land on which the school is built. A minimum of 1.5 Acres is required. The schools which you quoting, in case if they are affiliated to CBSE must have shown that kind of plot size on records.

  • I have 1.5 acres of land in uttar pradesh will it sufficient to take affiliation.
    Some website tell it should be 2 acres
    Plz clarify

    • Dear Sahil,

      Previously CBSE had the minimum requirement of 2 acres of land, however, in 2013 the same was revised and now you need minimum 1.5 acres of land to start a CBSE school. Hence, you may go ahead in 1.5 acres.

  • Sir, In vellore under corporation (city) limit we are having 50 cent it enough affiliation for CBSE school up to 10th.

  • Sir . we are having 50 cents land in vellore corporation (city) limit it enough to get affiliation for CBSE up to 10th

  • Good morning sir
    How much land require for play ground its one of the norms it rural area kindly suggest how much land required for play ground. for cbse affilation

    • There is no land requirements for the playground. However as per the norms for rural area, you need to have a total of 1.5 acres of land.


  • As per CBSE Rule the minimum land required is 2 acre which is written on official CBSE affiliation pdf file . Then why are you telling it should be 1.5 acres?
    Plz Clarify…

    • Dear Mr. Shrivastava,

      Previously the requirement was 2 acres, however in the year 2013, CBSE has reduced it to 1.5 acres.

      For more information about the circular, you may contact us on +9669694169.

  • hello Sir.

    I am ravinder Kumar. I am intrested to start a school up to 10th clasas in Noida how much land is required to start a 10th school. what is requirement of cbse. i want to do it on loan facility is it posible to start with low budget if i invest 15-20% of total capital. My wife is b.ed and we want to start a school in noida please guide

    • Dear Sir,

      Please contact us on 9669694168 for better understanding. We need to understand a lot of factors before giving you a customised solution.


  • Can I get Cbse affiliation if I built classrooms for upto 4th std and plan to expand infrastructure every year.

    • No,

      Please contact us on 9669694168 to understand this. We usually guide and give personalised suggestions rather than giving a general answer. Need to understand your requirements a bit in detail.

  • I have found so many informations out of these Q .A. I am also going to establish a cbse school shortly.

  • Nameste sir,
    I am jp from tamilnadu trichy I wish to start a cbse school how I choose a right location, how much land I procure in the village area

    • Dear Mr. Jayaprakash,

      you need minimum 1.5 acres of Land in the rural area. For more details on this, please contact our Bangalore Office at 9109104168.


  • Hi Sir,

    I want to open a school in Gurgaon. Can I buy a agricultural land and open the school? Or should I go to government to buy Institutional land? What will be the average rate of land and which would be cheaper?


    • It will be difficult for us to advice on these issues. For an agricultural land, first we need to get it diverted into an institutional or commercial land and then only we can build a school there.

      We wouldn’t be able to tell you the average rate of the land in your area. If you wish to setup the school, you may call 9669694168 for more discussion.


  • sir, i am running a school in punjab with p.s.e.b affiliation , want to change affiliation to other board .what will the procedure

  • Dear sir/madam

    We have a high school that has been running with permanent state board affiliation for more than 20 years in an urban but backward area designated so by the state government. We have a land that is a little far from our school where we want to start a new building and we want to get CBSE affiliation. However our land size is about 1.2 acres only. Is it possible for us to get affiliated to CBSE upto 10th grade? Thank you

    • Hello,

      If the land is located in a town which has a population of above 15 lacs, then 1 acre is fine. Else you need minimum 1.5 acres to start a CBSE school. For more details you may contact us on 9669694168.


    • There is no specifications for play ground area. It says that the kids shall be able to play five games in the outdoors.

  • Hi,

    I am from Lucknow. I want to start a school till 8th class.
    Please guide me with a low investment, what it is minimum eligibility criteria…in terms of Land, Infrastructure, Student and money.

    Appreciate your early help.


  • Dear sir
    We hv 5acres land in industrial area given for education purpose. Can we start a cbse school in it. If do what permission required related to land.

  • May i know can i start a cbse school just opposite to existing cbse there any rules for distance between two my case i pocess 1.5acre land which comes under town panchyat ,in tamilnadu. just opposite a new school was constructed.just a nh road is middle.can i proceed.

  • I want to start a residential school in rural area how much land is required for cbse affiliation.

    • CBSE asks for 1.5 acres of land for affiliation, however for a residential school, our experience says that the land shall be between 5-10 acres.

      For more information you may contact us on 9669694168.


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