Role of a Counsellor in School


i) Will the school have a permanent or a visiting counselor in the Schools as it is becoming the need of the hour?

ii) Does staff also include Special Educators / Educational Psychologists /Counselors?

The appointment of school counselors is not a pre-requisite for affiliation of the school with CBSE. Therefore, decision to appoint a counselor will depend upon priority and concern of the school management for the betterment of mental health, discipline and orderly behavior of the students. However, all Life Educare managed Schools aim to appoint a part time school counselor in primary schools followed by a full-time counselor during Middle / Secondary / Senior Secondary level.

Q.2 Will there be requirement of a counselor in the school?

The School Counselors are professional educators with a perspective on the mental health of the children. The appointment of a school counselor certainly helps to save the schooling system from cases of undesirable activities or emotional breakdown or selection of a mis- matched professional career by the youngsters.

Q.3 What are the essential qualifications of the school counselor?

A qualified counselor should have minimum post-graduate qualification in psychology or a graduate with a diploma in counseling.

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